Lapland - December 2018

The 10th edition of IATA AIR Hackathon took place in Santa’s home town, Lapland ,Finland during the weekend of 1st December, 2018. Nearly 100 developers worked around the clock in order to present their projects with the support of industry experts and mentors.

There were two main themes:

  • Improve the passenger experience through dynamic offers using any New Distribution Capability (NDC) API
  • Create scenarios that can help both travelers and airlines using any Blockchain API

A total of 18 projects were presented (9 of them being presented by corporates and 9 of them being presented by non-corporate)

APIs available at the event

NDC APIs: Finnair, American Airlines, British Airways, Air Canada and SunExpress

Travel APIs: ATPCO/SITA, LinkedIn, LinksRez


Platinum Sponsor: Finnair

Gold Sponsors: IBS Sofware and TIBCO

Supporting Organization: AWS


For Corporates: NDC Prize and Blockchain Prize (presentation at IATA event)

For Non-Corporates: NDC Prize (USD 5,000 + incubation), Blockchain Prize (USD 5,000 + incubation), Developer Prize (best coding – USD 2,000 + incubation) and Ready to Take off Prize (incubation only)

NDC Corporate Prize

Team Name: AY27 (Finnair Team)

Challenge: NDC

APIs used: Finnair, British Airways, SITA, LinkedIn

Project Description: Finnair team presented a highly branded experience, targeting both recognized and unrecognized customers. On the welcome page of the aggregator the user is inspired with push-offers. These offers are tailor-made based on the customer profile and relevant functionalities; such as being able to re-book the same flight they always take by clicking a button. The solution includes rich content and it demonstrates the NDC true value proposition of a ‘shop-in-shop experience’.

Team Members: Andra Blaj, Marja Ojala, Maria Lumiaho, Leena Wooller and Kristina Pääkkönen


Blockchain Corporate Prize

Team Name: Team 42 by ATPCO

Challenge: Blockchain

APIs used: NDC Exchange, Ethereum Swarm

Project Description: Team 42 by ATPCO used blockchain to develop a secure, trusted traveler wallet, allowing an airline to target better offers to travelers who gave them permission. The Traveler Wallet allows a traveler to enter personal preferences for flights – such as seat location and dietary favorites – that can then be used to prepare personalized offers. The traveler owns and controls their own data, with encryption and security through blockchain. This unique idea allows the airline and seller to safely provide a level of personalized shopping not available in the industry today.

Team Members: Cheikh Fall, David Peart, Karel Alvarez, Narendrakumar Patel, Ryan McGarry, Lourdes Ramirez

Problem statement
Demo available via webinar on 14th of Feb


NDC Non-Corporate Prize

Team Name: FLYLA

Challenge: NDC

APIs used: Finnair, Streamr

Project Description: Staying up to date with the destinations you want to travel to and do not miss out any promotion on this route is often difficult. Most of the time you realize that the price to your favorite destination just climbed up to a level where it is not affordable anymore. FLYLA is helping you out and is taking care of your price safety. With our browser extension, you receive real-time updates on the flights, routes and destinations you subscribed to. In addition, an in-build browser analytics tool is filtering destination names on the relevant website the user browses. Regarding privacy, data is only collected on the user's device and can be then submitted to the subscription tool.

To keep the content up to date and unique the notification database is filled with airline cache and offers of distressed inventory. When a certain offer fits the subscription preferences the user gets a notification and opportunity to book within the extension. The data pushed to the user is not limited to flights offerings and can contain tour operator offers as well.

Team Members: Frederic Lapatschek, Fabian Höhne


Blockchain Non-Corporate Prize

Team Name: Team Up

Challenge: Blockchain

APIs used: SunExpress, Streamr, SITA

Project Description: Because everyone has experienced the hassle of organizing a trip when traveling with friends or colleagues, we came up with an all-in-one secure white label chat application that allows a group of people to schedule and organize leisure or business trips, book flights, follow up on expenses and deal with payments (leveraging blockchain technology).

The innovation resides in enhancing the User Experience by making alltravel information & discussions accessible via a single point of entry (aka the single source of truth) - enhanced by an assistant (leveraging AI technology) attentive to the conversation that pops relevant messages in the conversation; thus creating opportunities for vendors while adding value for users.

Team Members: Aurelie Krau, François-Xavier Chassagne, Srivatsan Magadevane, Thibaud Rohmer, Vincent Drouet

View the demo


Developer Non-Corporate Prize

Team Name: mysure

Challenge: NDC

APIs used: IATA NDC Sandbox

Project Description: Mysure is an intelligent insurance recommendation engine for airlines. It uses NDC APIs in order to retrieve orders and information about passengers. This data is used to determine passenger activities at the destination and find the matching insurance product, customized to the passenger and the trip.

Team Members: Márton Elődi


Ready to Take off Non-Corporate Prize

Team Name: Mystery Bundle

Challenge: NDC

APIs used: Finnair

Project Description: Mystery Bundle is a platform created by the team at Duffel to allow airlines to bundle their ancillaries together in a so-called "mystery bundle". The concept is inspired by Japan's lucky bags, a custom that sees Japanese merchants making grab bags filled with random content and sold at a discounted price.

Team Members: Steve Domin, Vincent Pastor, Alan Kennedy and Paul Vidal


Ready to Take off Non-Corporate Prize

Team Name: Pororoca

Challenge: NDC

APIs used: Finnair, IATA NDC Sandbox, SITA, LinkedIn

Project Description: Prororoca team built a centralized platform to store travelers retailing history, including preferences, feedback and payment data. The objective is maximizing the retailing business by knowing the most about their customers.

Team Members: Alberto Abad Ballesteros, Alberto Tapias, Jordi Perez del Olmo, Jesus Cuesta Arza, Daniel Villalba Durán and Italo Brasil