Accelerating TMC Adoption

This section is a summary of TMC adoption accelerators captured from stakeholders across the value chain [airlines, IT providers, GDS, new aggregators, OBTs and mid-back office IT providers and TMCs.]

A challenge makes the "accelerator list” if it meets one of four criteria:

  1. It prevents ticket issuance
  2. No viable workarounds exist
  3. Downstream processes are not served
  4. There is significant impact to volume generation

Solutions to these problem areas may lie in any of these 3 areas:

  1. Implementation: a change in the implementation of one or more parties in the distribution value chain
  2. Mindset shifts (adapting to new ways of working – not everything will be migrated or work the same)
  3. Standard: Missing implementation guidance to drive standardization or missing features

There are 9 accelerators that have been captured to unlock TMC volume.

If you have any feedback or potential solutions to any of the TMC Accelerators, please share these through our feedback form

Solution TrackerLast updated on: 2021-07-15
Accelerator #1 [missing data] ⦿
Accelerator #2 [offer rules] ⦿
Accelerator #3 [price guarantee TL] ⦿
Accelerator #4 [multi-API channels] ⦿
Accelerator #5 [queue capabilities] ⦿
Accelerator #6 [invol servicing] ⦿
Accelerator #7 [order history] ⦿
Accelerator #8 [refund processes] ⦿
Accelerator #9 [same day exchange/void] ⦿

⦿  Agreed solutions
⦿  Solutions being formulated
⦿  Accelerator identified