Aviation XR - September 2019

The first Extended Reality (XR) Hackathon took place from the 7-8 September in Crans Montana. 4 teams participated in the 28-hour hack supported by aviation industry and XR experts.

There were 4 teams that worked on: optimizing baggage operations, enhancing travel for people with disabilities and reduced mobility and improving the end-to-end travel journey.

Winner: Vision Lab Apps

IATA AR is a cloud-based, scalable and easy-to-use augmented reality software platform developed using computer vision paired with machine learning to create an AR-based visualization system to help the identification of lost baggage.

IATA AR includes a Machine Learning engine that enables its handlers to extract value-added information from the data collected while using the platform. It is production ready with the ability to scale with multiple users and there is no need to modify existing systems to integrate it.

IATA AI: we are improving the algorithm daily.

IATA AR improves baggage operations and customer service while reducing labor costs, unplanned baggage lost, and handlers errors.

Video demo available here.

Runner-up: Ullash Hazarika

There is a wide range of wheelchairs available in the market. The current systems, processes and training available to ground staff is often inadequate to address this problem.

Damage is caused to wheelchairs and aircrafts. It is attracting attention from media and regulators.

The solution is a software platform enabled by XR and AI to enable wheelchair handling. The automated platform can provide real-time support to handle wheelchairs. The platform can be used to train staff in handling wheelchair models. The platform is analytics enabled, enabling to track training and wheelchair handling operations.