Madrid - June 2019

The 12th edition of IATA Hackathon took place in Madrid at Comunica+A offices. 19 teams teams worked around the clock in order to present their projects with the support of industry experts and mentors.

There were 2 themes: Corporate Booking Tools using Airlines (NDC) APIs and Cargo processes using IATA’s One Record API

APIs available at the event

NDC APIs: Iberia, Duffel, American Airlines, British Airways, United, SunExpress, NDC Exchange (ATPCO/SITA)

Cargo API: IATA One Record

Travel APIs: SITA, Timatic, Linksrez, ATPCO Routehappy


Platinum Sponsor (Host Organization): Comunica+A

Gold Sponsors: IBS Sofware, Duffel, and TIBCO

Supporting Organization: AWS Travel and Air Canada Cargo


For Corporates: NDC Leisure Travel Prize and NDC Business Travel Prize (presentation at IATA event), Best Sentiment Analysis

For Non-Corporates: NDC Leisure Travel Prize (USD 5,000 + incubation), NDC Business Travel Prize (USD 5,000 + incubation), Developer Prize (USD 2,000 + incubation), Best Sentiment Analysis (USD 2,000 + incubation), and Ready to Take off Prize (incubation only)

NDC - Best Content and UI Corporate Prize

Team Name: Roadhack (Roadmap)

Challenge: NDC

APIs used: Duffel, British Airways, and ATPCO Routehappy

Project Description: Roadmap presented an idea that brings together all the needs of the traveler, travel and the market in one solution.
From travel manager’s perspective the solution can be tailored to company’s travel policy, travelers’ needs and market availability together. All in a simple way.
From the business travelers’ perspective the outlook meeting location connects to the booking platform, which provides you with suggestions on which flight to book based on the availability of all airlines within your corporate travel program. Personalized offers are received, including bleisure ones, if pre-selected by the travel manager. i.e. if you like watching Netflix onboard the traveler can do so, by using the personal credit card.

Team Members: Rogier Verkaik, Micha van Eijk, Glenn Mosdall, Gabrielle Verwegen, Jeffrey Verheul, and Vahagn Dolbakyan


NDC - Best Personalization Corporate Prize

Team Name: Flight Club (Egencia)

Challenge: NDC

APIs used: Duffel, ATPCO Routehappy

Project Description: Egencia team presented a solution that personalizes the offers according to the travelers’ needs and the booking is performed with a single click.
The first scenario shows that solution works as a recommendation system with data driven behind the scenes, leveraging travelers’ booking behaviors. The user can also let the system know what is more interesting for them depending on the flight sector (i.e. only longhaul flights with wifi) - the system learns from that for future recommendations.
Once search is performed, only relevant options come out in the screen with different scenarios of products and booking is finalizes with only one click.
The second scenario shows what other customers (from your own company or customers in genera) prefer on that specific sector/flights in previous bookings and also show that to you.

Team Members: Alexandre Serviès, Nicolas Cortinez, Julien Thimonier and Cristian Hedes


NDC - Best Data Solution Corporate Prize

Team Name: nOBT (SAP Concur)

Challenge: NDC

APIs used: Iberia

Project Description: SAP Concur team presented nOBT which is a Travel Management tool that validates the traveler selected fare against supplier partners' rates outside the OBT. It gives the freedom to the traveler to book their flights on their preferred channel as long as the selected option meets the company’s travel policy.

Team Members: Maria Chiricotto, Gyorgy Szabo, Gregor Hollmig and Miguel Rey López


Cargo Corporate Prize

Team Name: Compass (IBS Software)

Challenge: Cargo

APIs used: One Record, AWS Rekognition API for image processing, Open Street Maps API

Project Description: intracOR addresses the problems in airfreight industry related to scattered information, lack of timely feed of data, streamlined access to information etc. especially in the context of missing cargo shipments which cost the industry millions. intracOR is an innovative, technology application built using One Record APIs on an advanced technology stack. The application detects the possible matches of the missing cargo shipments by comparing images and other rich information like dimensions, labels, location and other textual data from the images of the shipment. It uses AWS Image recognition APIs to get the image properties, uses Augmented Reality to capture dimension information of the shipment, Uses OCR to scan and upload documents and uses a rank based matching algorithm to find out potential matches. It gives options for the airline users to resolve the discrepancy by reviewing these detected matches.
intracOR enables different parties in the supply chain like Forwarders and Handlers to connect to One Record platform by providing them with mobile apps. The airline and all other stakeholders get real-time updates of various events happening to the shipment across different parties and locations, as it is subscribed to information stored in the One Record platform.
This solution is extendable to other use cases like live animal handling, temperature sensitive shipments, et al where real-time feeds from different parties are synced to the One Record platform, or from IOT servers to provide real time, workable information for all interested parties in the supply chain.

Team Members: Srijith Balachandran, Sandeep Nair, Bejoy Kunjumon and Selva Kumar Gajendran


NDC OBT Non-Corporate Prize

Team Name: Flaps

Challenge: NDC

APIs used: Duffel

Project Description: Flaps team created a solution that makes the comparison of employees’ hourly rate versus the cost of ancillary services that can make them available in order to be productive.
i.e. the travel manager can enter the estimated cost of employee’s hours (USD100/hour) . If in a specific airport the estimated waiting time at security is 25 minutes at time his/her flight is leaving, the system will cross check the employee hour cost with fast track cost (USD10) in order to make the employee available for work.

Team Members: Kit Brennan and Mark Corbett


NDC Developer Non-Corporate Prize

Team Name: Nearsoft

Challenge: NDC

APIs used: Freshworks SDK

Project Description: Nearsoft has built a solution focused on TMC’s to manage medium size businesses trips and policies, to optimize their travel strategies. At the same time, they want to give the company the ability to offer to their travelers the flexibility to add personalized ancillary services so they can have a better travel experience.
The TMC will have an app within Freshdesk and will be able to see the Company’s Travel Policy, their Loyalty Program as well as reporting on past travels and the Travelers Profile, which will be filled by a flight preferences form and automatically updated with their travel history.
On the other hand, they’ll be able to perform the Flight booking right from the Helpdesk ticket, sending the best options compliant with the Travel Policy to the Travel Manager for approval, as well as a form to the traveler to let them know what would be included on their flight fare, and letting them choose seating and baggage preferences and add extra ancillaries for the managers approval. If these last ancillaries chosen are not approved, the travelers will be able to add them at their expense through the same booking.
DEMO of the Travel Manager app for Freshdesk, showcasing travel policy and loyalty programs modules.
Live presentation of the Travel Manager app - IATA Hackaton Madrid

Team Members: Liliana Reina, Hector Benitez, Francisco Hernandez


Cargo Non-Corporate Prize

Team Name: IT Avia

Challenge: Cargo

APIs used: One Record and Telegram

Project Description: IT Avia team created a Telegram chatbot that simplifies the communications with end users based on data from One Record hosts.

Team Members: Ilya Kuznetsov and Andrey Boldakov