Frankfurt - October 2019

The 13th edition of IATA Hackathon took place at Fraport-Forum (Frankfurt Airport) and this event was hosted by SunExpress and Fraport. 15 teams worked during 28 hours nonstop in order to present their projects with the support of industry experts and mentors.

There were 2 themes: Carbon Offset integrated to booking experience using NDC APIs and Leisure travel via one app or solution for their trip planning and throughout the journey, also using NDC APIs

APIs available at the event

NDC APIs: SunExpress, Duffel, Hahn Air, American Airlines, British Airways, Pribas, NDC Exchange (ATPCO/SITA)

Carbon Offset APIs: Cloverly, Atmosfair and TIBCO

Travel APIs: Fraport, SITA, Cirium, Linksrez, Deutsh Bahn (DB)


Host Organizations: SunExpress and Fraport

Gold Sponsors: Cirium, IBS Sofware, Duffel and TIBCO

Supporting Organization: AWS Travel

Carbon Offset Non Corporate Prize

Team Name: Thrust

Challenge: Carbon Offset

APIs used: Duffel, Cloverly

Project Description: Thrust has created an easy to use, simple to understand, and incentivized payment API that can be dropped into any checkout flow with just 3 lines of code, to get your customers going green. From airline to accommodation provider, they believe they can 10x offset conversion for any travel company.

Team Members: Kit Brennan and Mark Corbett


Leisure Travel Non Corporate Prize

Team Name: FLYLA (

Challenge: Carbon Offset and Leisure Travel

APIs used: SunExpress, LinksRez, Cirium, Fraport, Cloverly

Project Description: You are scrolling through your Instagram feed and stop at a new post from your favorite travel blogger. You are looking at an outstanding landscape with hot balloons around. You have never seen this place but decided to go there for your next travel.
At Flyla solution they extract Instagram gems and create outstanding experiences for you and your fellow travelers. After sending their chatbot the Instagram link from your dream destination they send you a curated travel itinerary within the next months. You can see the details of your itinerary on our platform. You can edit our pre-defined information or just agree to our best choices. Next, you can book the whole trip including your flight, hotel, and tours with one click.
When the travel dates are coming closer their chatbot will inform you about your flight, check-in and further travel information.

Team Members: Raphael Jasjukaiits , Frederic Lapatschek and Fabian Hoehne


Developer Non Corporate Prize

Team Name: Reforest (

Challenge: Carbon Offset

APIs used: SunExpress, Reforest API

Project Description: Reforest is a new solution for airlines and online travel agents to offer their carbon-conscious customers a compelling and engaging way to have an impact on the carbon emissions of their travel. As well as a mobile app via which a customer can grow their own personal forest to reduce emissions every time they travel, we have now also built an API and web integration which allows any travel provider to easily provide this service to their customers from directly within the booking process.

Team Members: Daniel Walsh, David Rees and Volodymyr Komiachko


Leisure Travel Corporate Prize

Team Name: App in the Air (

Challenge: Carbon Offset and Leisure Travel

APIs used: Hahn Air, Cloverly and Atmosfair

Project Description: App in the Air team decided to focus on developing the carbon offset habit for group travels such as corporate, family and friend’s travels. They have developed a tool for group bookings with different ways of minimizing your carbon footprint for the whole team (choosing flight, foods, transfer, and luggage). On this webpage they offer a leaderboard page as they want to encourage different teams to compete with each other – meaning if you can see from your friends who is offsetting their travel and the ones that are not. They also have an Apple watch app that suggests personalized tips for each team member during their day.

Team Members: Vladislav Samokhin, Sergey Morozov Alexandra Zavyalova, Sergey Pronin and Vladimir Vasilev


Carbon Offset Corporate Prize

Team Name: Cooless by Skyscanner (

Challenge: Carbon Offset

APIs used: Duffel and Cloverly

Project Description: Skyscanner team created an end to end booking platform which provides travellers with the option to offset the carbon emitted from their flight. Contains gamification in the form of a loyalty program for carbon offsetting. e.g. After 500kg purchased, Cooless will offset your next flight.

Team Members: David Endersby, Emre Babur, Amelia Huang, Camin McCluskey and Laurie Edwardson


Carbon Offset Corporate Prize

Team Name: SunExpress (

Challenge: Carbon Offset

APIs used: SunExpress, Atmosfair and Cloverly

Project Description: Travelling has a negative impact on climate. Unfortunately nearly every form of transport emits CO2. At this time, CO2 offsetting is the only way to neutralize the climate impact of your trip. Offsetting your CO2-emissions is a concrete and voluntary way to reduce your impact on environment.
With this initiative as SunExpress, we would like to demonstrate that we are taking action towards reducing CO2 emission and increase the public awareness.

Team Members: Ali Sapanci, Sümeyya Tuçe Arar, CEVAT YIGIT, Gunes Yilmaz, Selcuk Demir, Emir Emre Sarbay