Berlin - 27-29 May, 2016

The first NDC Hackathon specialized in business travel took place in Berlin, Germany on 27-29 May.

A total of 104 developers participated and presented 21 ideas.

SITA, Timatic Autocheck, LinkedIn, Routehappy and Vaadin were the API providers.

During 40 hours participants were asked to build travel apps and solutions using at a minimum the NDC API (NDC Sandboxes and British Airways) and address specific challenges around two main areas in business travel:

  • The Business Travel Journey (consistency of the content through the various channels, levels of personalization and geolocation etc.)
  • Travel Data with challenges on ‘profiling’ and reporting

5 prizes were given out based on these categories plus an additional Developer Prize to award the best code.


  1. NINA
  2. Best project for The Travel Business Journey category
    Description: NINA blends company travel policy compliance and personal traveler preferences. It brings together policy approved options and utilizes NDC technology to provide full transparency of the elements comprised. See project details here.
    APIs used: NDC.

  4. Best project for the Travel Data category
    Description: BUDGETER provides an overview of company’s travel expenses alongside estimations for future travels. Ii is an app for travelers to purchase additional services throughout the journey and provides an overview of the budget left while enabling direct purchasing without receipts. See project details here.
    APIs used: NDC.

  6. Developer’s Prize
    Description: CICERO is a one stop shop to access all additional services needed for the journey. See project details here.
    APIs used: NDC, SITA, Timatic Autocheck.

  7. FlyCal
  8. Description: FlyCal optimizes your travel flights by connecting business calendars of different meeting attendants. Through an automated process you will find out what’s the best time to book a flight in your calendar. See project details here.
    APIs used: NDC, LinkedIn.

  9. PTA
  10. Description: PTA allows travelers to access flight status and personalized offers with ancillary services from NDC-enabled airlines. It also allows travel managers to handle employees’ journeys providing offers from NDC airlines. See project details here.
    APIs used: NDC, British Airways, SITA and RouteHappy.